Having dedicated volunteers is a vital part to the success of the shelter. Various services are needed to support the daily living needs of the women and children of our families.

Direct Services:  Women only. All direct service volunteers will be trained prior to coming in contact with client. Spanish speaking welcome.

  • Childcare
  • Transportation
  • Legal¬†Services that can provide pro bono or reduced fee family law support
  • Recreational activities for adults or children (especially in the summer)
  • Tutoring children with schoolwork
  • Supporting moms in learning English
  • Job skills training
  • Computer training
  • Field Trip Organizers and Chaperones for families

Indirect Services: No training or Spanish required.

  • One time help in moving boxes and small furniture to family’s permanent residence
  • Event planning and coordination for upcoming fundraisers
  • Digital graphic design support for online and print communications
  • Public relations with local media
  • Handyman Support
  • Shelter maintenance
  • Jewelry Salesperson for Esperanza project (selling jewelry and art made by moms and children)

For information about volunteer opportunities for any of our services, contact Aida Segura at 224-430-4977.