We all face the challenge to live as people of the resurrection. This display of stories and crosses tells several “resurrection stories” of the amazing mothers who recently spent time at the House of Peace. Through the stories of these resilient women, we learn about the grace-filled transformations that regularly take place at our community, which is appropriately called the House of Peace. The beautiful crosses that accompany these stories give artistic expression to the deep faith of these courageous women. Moreover, these crosses direct our attention to the mystery of death and resurrection that constitutes the inner dynamic of every person’s life. But this paschal place is also one of revelation where it is possible to discern the healing grace of God that renews us from within. This display is also an expression of GRATITUDE for all the support that we have received from each of you. It is your generosity, together with God’s unconditional love, that makes these resurrections stories possible.


A Flower in the Swamp


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My Suffering and My Blessing


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Love and Life


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Finding Spiritual Strength

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God is Life and Peace

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