We offer a wide range of programs to nurture, educate and enrich our families during their stay.

Phoenix: A Domestic Violence Support Group that meets weekly, providing opportunity for fellowship, education, recreation and support for women and children.  Various programs include meditation , yoga,  Zumba, jewelry making, art, and parenting topics.

Kenosis:  A church based culturally sensitive group for men who want to change the pattern their own behaviors and mentalities that contribute to inequality in the familial relationships. Led by a Deacon, and two male church leaders.

Bi-lingual counseling (English and Spanish): Individual and small group counseling is available, free of charge.

Community Linkages:  We work with clients to increase their awareness and connection to healthcare, legal and other resources in our community.

Legal advocacy: Legal help is offered by partnering organizations such as Catholic Charities, and by pro-bono legal support at the Gary Graf Center

ESL classes: Classes are offered thru CLC and done in small groups to provide individualized instruction.

Childcare: Provided by volunteers.  Weekly tutoring provided for children during their stay at the Shelter.

Art therapy: The Art Therapy program provides women and children with additional creative and expressive ways to process traumatic experiences. This art program is a key program for the House, and one of our most successful and enriching programs.  Our program is led by a volunteer art teacher who is fully bilingual and bicultural.

Field Trips: Monthly outings are organized to enrich, stimulate, entertain moms and children .