Esperanza Project

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The House of Peace Shelter empowers women through art therapy. Through art therapy, the women gain a sense of peace as they reach inside themselves to create something beautiful. The Esperanza Project was an idea fashioned by the women living in the shelter, whereby they sell unique items they create. While living at the shelter, the women learn how to make beautiful 1607113_589860754428128_1648024100_nrosaries, jewelry, and paintings, which are then sold locally.

 The word Esperanza means hope. And hope is exactly what this program provides. The women gain financial support when the community purchases their unique artwork. They also gain confidence when something they created is valued by others. I1900034_589862664427937_1062445394_nnstead of giving money, you can give work. The Esperanza project creates a space and time for the women of the shelter to sit together and work, and receive compensation for that work. The Esperanza project provides women with renewed hope, which you have the opportunity to provide.


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